I believe we all have an inherent capacity to truly  pay attention to our life and how it unfolds. Paying attention and investing in what truly matters to each one of us, beyond fear and hope, is in our gift, moment by moment.

Hence, the practices of mindfulness,  self-compassion and compassion tap into an ever present source of awareness and warmth within us.  As with all rediscovery, some training and support to re-connect with this capacity in us has proven to be helpful.

I provide courses to the general public including bringing mindfulness training to disadvantaged groups who would otherwise have difficulty accessing it.  My courses and training  support are also available for 1:1 and team/workplace formats.

Sustaining the benefits of mindfulness training can be difficult in isolation.  I support the development of drop-in groups to help maintain practice while meeting fellow practitioners.



My 2021  Offerings

I am planning to deliver a number of offerings but  some details are still to be confirmed:

The Wayward Path – Living Your Life in Ritual and Ceremony

I am excited to offer a virtual 9 week global programme in collaboration with my friend and peer, Ben Marchman, Soul Centric and Eco-Therapy Coach.This programme starts on February 4th 2021 for 9 consecutive weeks. Please see more details on the link above.


Tailored online 1:1 and group guided mindfulness/meditation practice sessions  – please email me if interested.


If you are interested in low cost or no cost shamanic healing sessions, please get in touch. I offer these as part of my Eco Shamanism training


2021 New offerings in meditation, mindfulness and foundations of ritual will be finalised very soon.