Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 week course

Course Structure 

  • Registration and a possible phone conversation – to answer any questions you may have and agree whether the course is right for you at this time.
  • Group Orientation Session – 1.5 h; this is an opportunity for participants to meet as a group, a taster and discuss course guidelines and any other questions.
  • 8 Weekly Sessions – 2.5 hour each, instruction in mindfulness meditation and mindful movement, followed by supported sharing of experience in the group and exercises
  • Practice Day (Retreat) – usually between session 6 and 7,  we will meet for a more extensive time (4-6h), practicing different mediations and exercises together
  • Home Practice – 30-45 min a day, including guided mindfulness meditations,  gentle movements and mindful daily life activities. This is to encourage the integration of mindfulness into daily life.
  • Course handbook and practice downloads/CDs – as support for practice, learning and making notes
  • Teacher Support – guidance and support by phone or email, in between classes if needed

Prior to registering and to get the most from the course you should plan to attend every session (or if not possible, at least 6 sessions) and commit to home practice of 30-45 minutes per day throughout the program.


The course is taught by trained mindfulness teacher Mariana Straton to a group of up to 12 participants


Online until further notice


8 consecutive weeks  with a pre-course session and a 5h practice day towards the end of the course

Starts: 2021 TBC

Ends:   2021 TBC

Time:    TBC


£180/200 (TBC)

Payment – in full at the start of the course or in instalments by agreement.


Please email me here letting me know which course you wish to join and how much you are able to pay.  I will then send you more information about the course and a registration form. I may give you a call to agree the course is suitable for you at this time. Your place will be confirmed on return of registration form and before the pre-course session.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact me for any questions


The MBSR Programme

The MBSR programme was devised by the scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues over 30 years ago in the Stress Clinic at the University of Massachusetts’ Medical School.  The first courses were at the clinic with people suffering from chronic pain. Later on, rigorous scientific research and studies proved the efficacy of this programme. It is now an internationally recognised approach to dealing with stress and stress related illness as well as a way of enhancing resilience and general wellbeing for anyone.

Over the last decade, many other applications of mindfulness have been formulated and delivered with significant impact. Mindfulness Based Approaches and Interventions cover currently such as: healthcare, workplace, leadership and corporate world, schools, prisons, community settings.

In the UK, Professor Mark Williams and Dr John Teasdale, together with their Canadian colleague Zindel Segal, developed MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), closely modelled on the original MBSR. This approach is  specifically designed to help people with a history of depression and prevention of depression relapse.

Making a decision to participate in the MBSR course is a rewarding, joyful undertaking but it can also can be at times a challenging one. This is because when we learn to slow down and practice paying close attention to our experience, we make space for all our experience, whatever that might be,  sometimes joyful, sometimes more difficult. We learn to turn towards the difficult with space, acceptance, non judgment and compassion and in this way a different sense of choice and freedom can emerge.  Feedback from most people who have completed an MBSR/MBCT course shows significant benefits and as with everything, the more we put in, the kore we get out of it.

Please note that this course is not a form of therapy. It teaches important life and resilience skills to help us stay more in touch with our present moment experience and not be carried away by added interpretations that can generate stress and anxiety. It is not therefore a therapy space where  particular personal situations are explored.

For difficulties or questions around the mindfulness practices in between classes, you can contact me to talk these through. These could be wonderful opportunities to see how we can open more and with acceptance to our experience.

Mindfulness is for anyone who is ready to explore new ways of living. No prior knowledge is needed and all the ideas and practices are explained fully. Some activities include movement and most people sit on cushions to practice meditation. But everything can be adapted to suit your needs and capacity. And you can sit on a chair if you prefer!

Note: It may not be supportive for you to begin mindfulness training if you are currently experiencing an episode of severe depression or if you have a lot going on in your life that you feel unable to commit to regular practice for the duration of the course. If you wish to discuss these things with me before booking, please contact me