Drop in group

With colleagues, I started and continue to support the Kingsholm Mindfulness Group. The group aims to bring together people in the local and wider community through the practice of mindfulness.

If you have been trained in mindfulness or have some mindfulness/meditation experience you are welcome to come along and join us. We are a friendly drop in group and you can attend as often or as little as you wish. If you have no experience but are interested in attending get in touch with me here.

The group normally meets early evenings from 18.00-19.00 every second Tuesday at the Roots Cafe, 69 Alvin Street, Kingsholm, Gloucester.

Upcoming meeting dates are:



January 9th, 23rd

Feb 6th, 20th

The cost is £2 a session or whatever you can afford. The cost covers the renting of the room.

Visit our Facebook page here for further details or contact us on 07775982905