Mindfulness Course over 4 Saturday Afternoons

This is an introduction to mindfulness over a a shorter and more condensed period of time. It draws significantly from the MBSR curriculum and introduces key practices of grounding, gathering attention, gentle mindful movement and cultivates the attitudes of acceptance and kindness to oneself and all experience.

All the guidelines, information and home practice suggestions for the MBSR course apply here too – please see the MBSR 8 week course and Mindfulness pages on this website for further information

Resources such as downloads and handouts are provided.

Prior to registering and to get the most from the course you should plan to attend every session (or if not possible, at least 3 sessions) and commit to home practice of 30-45 minutes per day throughout the program.


The course is taught by trained mindfulness teacher Mariana Straton


Online until further notice


8 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays

Starts:  2021 TBC